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The War on Men at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Based on conversations with students and related evidence it appears that UNC-Chapel Hill has effectively declared war on college male students. Male students that face allegations of sexual misconduct are deemed guilty until they prove their innocence. The articles and blog accounts below highlight the university' handling of campus sexual misconduct.



U.S. Supreme Court denies UNC's petition for review of Title IX records release (1/19/21)
Using ‘Transparency’ to Obscure: The Daily Tar Heel and UNC’s Title IX Records (10/19/20)
UNC petitions U.S. Supreme Court to review ruling in sexual assault records case (10/1/20)
NC Supreme Court says UNC must release disciplinary records in sexual assault cases (5/1/20)
UNC must release names of sexual assault perpetrators, NC Supreme Court rules (5/1/20)
DTH v UNC-CH (open records lawsuit) decision IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NORTH CAROLINA No. 142PA18
These campus and local groups are seeking to provide education on sexual violence (3/29/20)
UNC rowing head coach resigns amid Title IX investigation (12/2/19)
DTH public records lawsuit against UNC goes before the North Carolina Supreme Court (8/28/19)
Campus Security subcommittee discusses Title IX/Clery Act committees in the UNC System (3/18/19)
CIRA board apologizes after finding no evidence of misconduct by Denton Ong (3/17/19)
Students at UNC schools accused of sexual assault would get protection under new law (3/8/19)
356 days: How long Department of Education has sat on anti-male bias complaint against UNC System (2/22/19)
UNC-Chapel Hill rates a C for Due Process - NCFMC flier (2/12/19)
'They’re not prosecutors': Due process not always clear under Title IX (11/8/18)
Inconsistent sexual assault definitions hamper UNC-system Campus Security Committee (9/27/18)
What the OCR's investigation of UNC means for the future of the University (7/9/18)
In #MeToo era, UNC scrutinized for its handling of sexual assault and harassment (7/5/18)
This UNC Rape Victim Became a Title IX Activist Leader. But Does Her Own Story Hold Up? (7/2/18)
UNC found in violation of Title IX (6/27/18)
Founder of anti-rape group, whose claims were found ‘implausible,’ scores a win against UNC (6/26/18)
UNC must disclose sexual assault findings, judges rule (4/17/18)
What Jalek Felton’s attorney says about his decision to leave UNC (3/1/18)
UNC claims right to shield names of students disciplined for on-campus sex misconduct (2/5/18)
What attorney says about suspension of UNC basketball player Jalek Felton (1/30/18)
UNC-CH Annual Clery Report 2017
Allen Artis' case dismissed (6/29/17)
Sexual-battery charges against UNC football player Allen Artis dismissed ahead of potential trial (6/29/17)
Sexual Assault Case Against UNC Football Player Dismissed (6/29/17)
Suspended UNC football player alleges biased magistrate issued sex assault warrant (6/23/17)
Judge OKs defense request in sexual assault case involving suspended UNC football player Allen Artis (6/23/17)
UNC does not have to disclose sexual assault findings, judge rules (5/5/17)
Judge rules UNC-Chapel Hill doesn't have to disclose sex assault findings (5/4/17)
Was the Rape Case That Started Title IX Abuse a False Accusation? (5/2/17)
UNC upholds finding of no sexual assault in football player’s case (4/28/17)
Lawyers bring legal expertise, outside accountability to UNC Title IX hearings (4/28/17)
UNC-CH clears football player accused of sex assault (4/6/17)
Attorney says UNC found no violation by player in sexual assault case (4/6/17)
Accused UNC football player's attorney claims bruising photo altered (10/4/16)
UNC football player denies sexual battery, assault charges (9/30/16)
Trial in Artis case slated for December (9/29/16)
Lawyer for Allen Artis says he 'cannot possibly get a fair hearing' through Title IX (9/29/16)
UNC Football Player Allen Artis Says Rape Accusation Is 'False' (9/28/16)
Title IX programs increase costs (11/8/15)
Former wrestling coach disputes firing (7/2/15)
UNC fires coach who is outspoken critic of kangaroo-court system for rape accusations (6/15/15)
U. of North Carolina Wrestling Coach, an Advocate for Men Accused of Rape, Is Fired (6/12/15)
A College Coach Goes to the Mat for a Son Accused of Sexual Assault (2/12/15)
The Fraternity Initiation Rape Story (12/26/14)
UNC meddles in students’ romantic lives while misstating what consent is (9/10/14)
Letter to the Editor (DTH) - ​Due process must be assured for all (9/9/14)
UNC System campus safety group recommends removing students from sex assault hearings (8/13/14)
Chancellor Carol Folt and male students at the University Of North Carolina (1/20/14)
Gambill case review reveals flaws in Honor System (6/17/13)
Op-Ed: The Landen Gambill hoax and the campus rape industry (3/15/13)
Landen Gambill’s ex-boyfriend: UNC forced me out (3/6/13)
Landen Gambill at fault, lawyer says (2/28/13)
UNC, Landen Gambill and false rape culture (2/28/13)
OCR Findings of Sexual Harassment Complaint (12/20/00)





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