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Schow On Fox: Everyone Loses When Due Process Is Rolled Back

During an appearance on “Fox News at Night” with Shannon Bream, The Daily Wire’s Editor & Columnist Ashe Schow explained how important due process is on college campuses.

President Joe Biden recently announced that he was directing the Department of Education to review its policies, including Title IX guidelines implemented by the Trump administration which ensured those who were accused of sexual misconduct would receive their constitutionally protected due process rights. The Obama administration, in which Biden was vice president, discouraged due process while Biden himself insisted women must be believed without any qualifiers about a fair and thorough investigation.

Bream began the segment by referencing an interview with C.D. Mock, whose son Corey faced a Title IX tribunal nearly a decade ago. When C.D., who was at the time a popular wrestling coach at a different university, started a blog to defend his son, he was fired.

When asked about what kind of changes we might possibly see during the Biden administration, Schow responded:

There’s some things that possibly could be tweaked but we know from everything that Biden has said publicly going back to the Obama administration, he is absolutely against due process. Unless of course, he needs it. He was all about ‘It’s On Us,’ ‘Believe Women,’ and then as soon as he was accused by Tara Reade last year during the election, it was: ‘No, no, no, just listen to women and support them but then investigate what they’re saying,’ which was never brought up during the Obama administration, was never what was mentioned during the Obama-era regulations.
So, we have all of these students that are getting accused, like Corey Mock, and there’s absolutely nothing they can do. They don’t see the evidence against them, they don’t even know the specific allegations against them in a lot of cases. So, Biden has put out the sign that he wants to go back to the Obama-era guidelines where that’s the norm, and we can’t have that. This is America, where we have constitutionally protected due process, which doesn’t end just because you step on a college campus.

Bream later asked Schow what the impact would be to accused students, to which Schow replied:

I’ve been talking to parents, I’ve been talking to accused students for almost a decade now and it is traumatizing. They talk about the trauma that accusers face, assuming that all accusers are telling the truth, but accused students, they go through all kinds of trauma. They are depressed, they are anxious, they end up having to see psychiatrists and psychologists and get on all kinds of medications. They become suicidal. I have seen suicides.
We are having a mental health crisis in this country and removing due process from college kids who have no idea what this whole new culture is is not only dangerous to the accused students, but the fact is that a lack of due process means that people are going to question the outcome of these star chambers means that hurt accusers as well because they’re less likely to be believed.

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