Male Student Receives $725,000 From Michigan State After Sex Assault Allegations, Accuser Receives $

Michigan State University has settled a pair of lawsuits, one brought by a former football player who says he was falsely accused of sexual assault and the other brought by the female accuser.

The woman, who gets to remain anonymous in court documents as Jane Doe, claimed MSU “did not provide her adequate support services” and didn’t enforce a campus ban on the football player whom she accused.

Since the accuser is not being named, The Daily Wire will not name the accused student, who said in addition to being falsely accused, MSU violated his due process rights.

The school, according to ESPN, has agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle both lawsuits, with the bulk of the money going to the accused male student, whose NFL career was put on hold after the school’s investigation.

The College Fix’s Greg Piper reported that MSU initially found the black male student not responsible for sexually assaulting a white female student. The woman had claimed she had been too drunk to consent to sexual activity, even though surveillance video from the night in question saw her walking with a “steady gait” and remaining balanced. Police declined to press charges against the football player.

In college kangaroo courts, accusers are allowed to appeal decisions, essentially allowing double jeopardy.

With the media and activist pressure on schools to find male accused students responsible, the initial finding was overturned and the male student was found responsible, without any new evidence.

The football player claimed the woman became erratic when he put on a condom, so he left the situation, fearing the white woman he just met would call the police on him because he’s black.

The player didn’t even know MSU reopened the investigation, and he was found responsible without an additional interview. He had been drafted by the Houston Texans but was dumped after the second campus ruling. He sued, as did his accuser.

The settlement for the male student was reported in June, but the amount of the settlement has just been revealed. It is perhaps the largest known settlement an accused student has received to date from their university. The finding of responsibility was also removed from his record, meaning the student can move on with his life hopefully without this hanging over his head.

As ESPN reported, the two parties agreed to “set aside” the finding of responsibility, the disciplinary action against the accused student, and to oppose any future investigation. The parties also signed a confidentiality agreement.

The male student’s attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, told ESPN his client was “satisfied with the resolution of this case” and was “now just looking forward to the future.”

The accuser’s attorney, Karen Truszkowski, told the media outlet that the settlement does not “exonerate or implicate” the accused student. After learning the accused student was paid much more than her client, Truszkowski said it was disappointing.

With the settlement, the male accused student can be drafted by the NFL again, and has been reportedly training for his future.

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