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NCFMC Letter to Gary Coombe, President of P&G Global Grooming Opposing Anti-Male "We Believ

Mr. Gary Coombe

President, P&G Global Grooming

The Gillette Company

1 Granite Street

Boston, MA 02210

Dear Mr. Coombe:

I am writing to you to express in the strongest terms my disappointment, disgust, and contempt for Gillette’s “We Believe” ad which depicts males as sexual predators and bullies. I find it beyond the pale that an iconic American company built by an industrious businessman like King C. Gillette which has made millions of dollars from men would promote misandry using feminist-inspired boorish depictions of males as rapists in waiting in their advertisement.

I am a proud board member of The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) and write to you in my capacity as the Carolinas chapter president. Operating since 1977, NCFM is the oldest men’s organization committed to ending sex discrimination. After reviewing your “We Believe” ad, it’s clear much work is still required to promote the infinite positive aspects of being male. Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” message and negative portrayals of men and boys adds to our workload.

Perhaps you are unaware of the many challenges that men face today. Men are systematically discriminated against in parenting rights, child custody, criminal sentencing, military conscription, treatment of mental illness, education, domestic and sexual violence laws (and sentencing), reproductive rights, genital integrity laws, international forced labor laws, public benefits and more. Men make up 80% or more of homeless adults, job deaths, work injuries, incarcerated persons, combat deaths, dropouts and deaths by suicide. Men also die younger than women and have higher mortality rates for 13 of the 15 leading causes of death.

I implore you to stop the hostilities aimed against men and boys by your company. A good place to start would be by immediately removing the “We Believe” ad followed by the issuance of a public apology along with a mea culpa for releasing such an insensitive, biased and harmful ad.

In closing, we stand firmly behind the #BoycottGillette social media campaign and will ceaselessly ask our membership, supporters, families and friends and the public at large to stop buying Gillette and Proctor & Gamble products until the ad is pulled.


Gregory J. Josefchuk


National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC)

P.O. Box 274

Sherrills Ford, NC 28673

Tel: (828) 478-2281

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