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NCFM Carolinas President Published in Letters to the Editor re: DeVos Is Restoring Order to America’

There is much to admire in the direction that Mrs. DeVos is driving in education. Restoring discipline in public schools, and doing so equitably, is a national priority.

Those pleased by the guidance repeal should recognize its place in the Education Department’s wider restoration of fairness in American schools. Mrs. DeVos is wise for recognizing a fundamental due-process right to cross-examine one’s accuser in higher-ed disciplinary hearings, and federal courts are increasingly requiring it in campus sexual-assault cases, which are prone to turn into credibility contests. One such example is Doe v. Baum, a sexual-assault case in which the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in September that “due process requires cross-examination in circumstances like these, because it is the greatest legal engine ever invented for uncovering the truth.”

The discipline of Betsy DeVos to tackle challenging policy issues that restore discipline, due-process rights and equitable treatment is something from which parents and students will benefit for years to come.

Gregory J. Josefchuk

Sherrills Ford, N.C.

Appeared in the December 31, 2018, print edition.

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