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Former Mizzou Guard Says He's Been Cleared Of Rape, Stalking Allegations in Title IX Investigati

Former Mizzou basketball guard Terrence Phillips released a lengthy statement on Thursday night on Twitter claiming that the University of Missouri's Title IX investigation into allegations of rape, stalking and inappropriate sexual conduct was finished.

"The accusations against me are unfounded and I have cooperated 100% with the Title IX Office throughout this investigation," Phillips said on Twitter. "I am happy to say that the investigation is finally over and my life can finally resume.

"Today, I can finally speak. Today, the Title IX investigation I've been undergoing for the last 6 months is finally over. Today, I can finally say that I was found not responsible of the allegations against me of sexual misconduct, rape, exploitation, and stalking. I had 4 complaints filed and investigated and won, unanimously, 3 of them."

The investigation included reports of physical and sexual misconduct from four female students, Phillips said. He also said a fifth complaint, made by another woman who said his behavior in class made her uncomfortable, did not warrant an investigation.

Phillips claims he was found guilty of only one complaint after admitting to pushing his then-girlfriend in October of 2016. Although the unnamed "Complaintant A" did not file a complaint against him when the incident occurred, according to Phillips, her claim was then included when the Title IX probe was launched in January of 2018 following an allegation of rape by another unnamed complaintant.

He maintains that he pushed his ex-girlfriend in self-defense, but was still found guilty of this allegation by a hearing panel.

"Since I admitted to pushing her," Phillips wrote. "I was found responsible of intimate partner violence. This same girl has made it her mission to 'ruin me' because she feels as though I cheated on her during our relationship."

Phillips also claimed in his statement that many of the allegations against him stem from the aforementioned incident.

He added that he has advocated and worked with campaigns to support domestic violence victims in the past and is sympathetic towards anyone who has gone through these situations.

"The last six month people have judge me based on what they have read, regardless of whether it is true or false. I was removed from all my classes, denied access to the gym and the MAT-C, and my basketball scholarship was taken from me while I underwent a Title IX investigation," Phillips said on Twitter. "Innocent until proven guilty was not applied in my situation. I was presumed guilty and then had to prove my innocence."

Mizzou’s Title IX office informed complainants of decisions related to their cases in emails this week, The Kansas City Star confirmed with two women who had filed complaints. The Star also reported that an email from the university’s Title IX office "that was sent to the woman who reported that Phillips physically assaulted her verifies that he was found responsible for violating university policy in her case and that the decision was considered 'final.'"

Phillips told The Star that he intends to appeal that finding.

Phillips arrived on Mizzou's campus in 2015, averaging 7.8 and 10.4 points per game in his freshman and sophomore seasons, respectively, before the Title IX investigation launched in January of 2018 resulted in Phillips removal from classes and the revocation of his scholarship.

Mizzou has yet to confirm any of Phillips' claims.

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