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Woman says she was raped in a Drury dorm. Suspect's attorney calls it a false allegation.

Springfield police executed a search warrant at a Drury University dorm room last month, seizing bedding, condoms and other items as part of a rape investigation.

The search came days after a 19-year-old woman reported she was sexually assaulted by Malek Bahri in the early morning of Sunday, March 25, police say.

Bahri's attorney, Adam Woody, strenuously denied any wrongdoing by his client.

"This is a wholly false allegation that has no merit, and if anyone was victimized or taken advantage of, it was my client," Woody said. "(Bahri) has an impeccable reputation as a student athlete and he is well thought of."

A Drury spokesman said Bahri is a former walk-on for the school's swim team.

According to the search warrant, the woman said Bahri invited her over to his dorm room and the two began to "make out."

Bahri asked if she wanted to have sex, the warrant said, and the woman agreed.

More on this case: Early morning rape on Drury's campus reported Sunday, police say.

According to the warrant, the women said Bahri threw her on his bed and started removing his clothes when she told him she no longer wanted to have sex.

Bahri allegedly ignored her.

The woman said Bahri continued to have vaginal sex without her consent and also hit and scratched her, according to the statement.

The woman said she was able to get away from Bahri by saying she had to check her phone, the warrant said.

Later that day, the woman went to a hospital, had a sexual assault kit performed and made a police report, according to the warrant.

Bahri was booked and released at the Greene County Jail last month in connection with the investigation. As of Thursday, he had not been charged with a crime.

The warrant said Bahri is a citizen of the north African country of Tunisia. Bahri allegedly told police he had never met the 19-year-old woman in person before the night she came to his dorm.

Bahri said he and the woman had communicated via social media and he allowed police to take photos of messages they sent each other, according to the warrant.

Police have sought and obtained two separate search warrants in this case: One for items in Bahri's dorm room on Drury's campus and another for a DNA sample from Bahri.

Drury spokesman Mike Brothers said Drury is conducting a Title IX investigation.

Federal law requires universities to notify students of incidents of sexual assault if there is an ongoing threat to campus.

According to Brothers, Drury administrators determined there was no such threat, so no warning was sent out to students.

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