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College student's hunger strike to bring attention to male discrimination now 10 days long, vows

A male college student member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) has entered Day 10 of a hunger strike dedicated to drawing attention to male discrimination and has issued the following statement:

To be a man in today’s world is to experience discrimination on a daily basis. Men die sooner than women due to a variety of factors, including higher suicide rates and workplace deaths.[1] Men are more likely to die in warfare not only as combatants but also as civilians.[2] Women receive far more preferential treatment than men in the criminal justice system.[3] This includes the death penalty.[4] Men have no reproductive rights in America.[5] The family court system is biased against men.[6] The wage gap has not only been debunked,[7] but there is a younger generation of working women who make more money than men.[8] Even though women are as likely to engage in sexual coercion/pressure against men as vice versa in heterosexual relationships,[9] the criminal definition of “rape” [penetration without consent] does not allow men to ordinarily prosecute women. Likewise, there are more than 200+ studies which show that domestic violence is symmetrical in heterosexual relationships.[10] A state as “progressive” as Canada has no problems with outlawing male immigrants while allowing female immigrants.[11] The majority of prisoners [93.2%] are men.[12] The majority of homeless people are men.[13]

But the focus of this document is the catastrophic decline of young men in the American education system. To begin with, men are a vulnerable minority in American colleges, and the projected rates of attendance/completion are in steady decline.[14] The fact that men are a minority in colleges has a negative impact on the quality of their education and professional employment. Younger men are beginning to earn less than women already,[15] even though they are more likely to occupy hazardous and unsafe jobs.[16] Boys have worse grades than girls.[17] Despite ever-diminishing rates of male enrolment, the majority of American colleges maintain massive volumes of female-only scholarships and/or programs. In addition, most colleges have Women’s Studies Departments; there are no equivalent programs for men. While selective enforcement on the basis of sex is illegal on paper, as per 34 CFR §106, boys routinely receive harsher discipline than girls for identical offences in every category.[18] Even though women are about as likely to engage in sexual coercion/pressure against men as vice versa,[19] prosecution against women who do so remains almost impossible because of sexual stereotypes and feminist assumptions. When teenagers flirt, boys can end up in prison for “sexual crimes” while nothing happens to girls.[20] We live in a nation where a twelve-year old boy can be raped by an adult woman and pay obligatory child support,[21] while a fifteen-year old boy can face more than a decade in jail for five seconds of non-consensual sex with an adult woman.[22]

The misuse and abuse of Title IX in previous administrations has contributed to the demographic decline of men in the education system. Even though men are more likely than women to display interest in sports,[23] the “proportionality prong” of Title IX has steadily limited athletic opportunities for men, with young men receiving less and less resources each passing year. [24] Suspensions and expulsions are likely to guide boys into crime and prison. While the criminal justice system is also biased against men,[25] the totalitarian bias of Title IX tribunals is far worse. Title IX logs published by Yale and Stanford demonstrate that 99-100% of accused/penalized persons are men, as if women are incapable of committing disciplinary offences of a sexual nature: an ideological fiction with no basis in reality.[26],[27] Despite all this, the overwhelming majority of Title IX complaints pending with the Department of Education are filed on behalf of women, especially in the Title IX: sexual harassment category.[28] Resolution letters that favour men, or advance the rights of male students, are extraordinarily rare.

This document is not prejudicial against women as a class, and I would like to thank all women who have opposed such forms of discrimination.

[1] <<>>

[2] For example, the Syrian Civil War. “Among the civilians killed 72,940 (71.9%) were men, 11,112 (11.0%) were women, and 17,401 (17.2%) were children.” Women were less likely to die than children. <<>>

[3] Starr, Sonja, "Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases" (2012). Law & Economics Working Papers. Paper 57. Available at the link below: <<>>

[4] Women guilty of capital murder are far less likely than men to be sentenced to death, and defendants who kill women are far more likely to be sentenced to death than defendants who kill men: <<>>



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[9] Stemple, et al. “Sexual Victimization Perpetrated by Women: Federal Data Reveal Surprising Prevalence.” Aggression and Violent Behavior, vol. 34, 2017, pp. 302–311.

[10] Straus, Murray. “Thirty Years of Denying the Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence: Implications for Prevention and Treatment.” Partner Abuse, vol. 1, no. 3, 2010, pp. 332–362. The bibliography section lists the sources.

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[18] “Within racial and ethnic subgroups, boys are consistently more likely than girls of the same racial or ethnic group to have experienced school discipline.” <<>>

[19] Stemple, et al. “Sexual Victimization Perpetrated by Women: Federal Data Reveal Surprising Prevalence.” Aggression and Violent Behavior, vol. 34, 2017, pp. 302–311.


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[24] It is worth noting that the rate of decreasing attendance for men makes the proportionality prong increasingly harder to satisfy. <<>>

[25] Starr, Sonja B., “Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases” (August 29, 2012). University of Michigan Law and Economics Research Paper, No. 12-018. Available at SSRN: or

[26] Title IX logs published by Stanford and Yale reveal the enormous anti-male bias inherent in campus tribunals. Almost all accusers are female, and the accused are invariably male.

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[27] Male students do file reports of harassment and discrimination, but campus ideologues quash these reports one way or another.

[28] As can be inferred from FOIA 17-01577-F and the dockets available online.

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