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NCFM Carolinas Title IX Conference in Charlotte

I traveled to Charlotte this weekend to attend the conference. Quite honestly, it was going to be my last involvement with this issue. Like you all, it's been a long, hard road and I felt like it was time for me to move on.

I was inspired. People like Eric Rosenberg, Andrew Miltenberg, Greg Josefchuk, Ashe Schow and many others, giving up their weekend and precious personal time to be there and speak; it is nothing less than passionate and inspirational.

The overall message that resonates is that although we have a victory, the battle is far from over. I realize that's not a new revelation, but to see these important people all so willing to give of themselves personally struck me. Unfortunately, it's a rare thing.

Few of us ever really know for sure what we alone actually accomplish or what good we are achieving, if any at all. It is an exhausting battle with no end in sight, and it wears on you.

I traveled home with a feeling of renewed passion and I wanted to share with you how thankful I am to these people and their commitment to this battle because I'm sure like me, many of you feel sometimes like a deer in headlights. There is a saying, "an army of lions led by a deer will be defeated by an army of deer led by a lion".

We are fortunate to have some lions leading us.

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