VINDICATED: @Columbia University Forced to Settle With #PaulNungesser After GotNews Exposes #Mattres

Columbia University has settled with falsely accused immigrant student Paul Nungesser for an undisclosed amount, vindicating new media and GotNews reports on his innocence and his SJW accuser’s lies.

In April 2013, SJW Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz falsely accused Nungesser of violently anally raping her and strangling her. The two had had a platonic relationship which turned sexual. Sulkowicz repeatedly told Nungesser she loved him, but when he didn’t reciprocate, she went on the warpath against him. (As a side note, never trust a woman who dyes her hair unnatural colors.)

After the university cleared Nungesser, Sulkowicz decided to carry her mattress around campus as an “art project” until Columbia University expelled Nungesser—or until he was so intimidated he would flee campus.

Nungesser’s complaint against Columbia shows many explicit messages from Sulkowicz, including the charming Facebook request to “f*ck me in the butt.” But she was awarded fawning media attention, an invitation to the State of the Union address, and university credit.

The university’s refusal to halt Sulkowicz’s vicious campaign or punish her for retaliating against Nungesser after even a university kangaroo court cleared him violates Title IX. Sulkowicz’s unhinged behavior towards Nungesser clearly violates the university’s “sexual respect” policies, including sexual harassment and stalking.

The people knew the truth about the rape hoax and the emerging new right fought back with art: During Columbia’s 2015 commencement, as Sulkowicz and feminist co-conspirators carried her mattress on stage, “pretty little liar” posters appeared around campus.

Sulkowicz was not Nungesser’s only false accuser. GotNews exposed the other liars as well, plus their accomplices.

GotNews warned you about fake rape cases. We exposed infamous rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley after her false account of a premeditated gang-rape at the University of Virginia to hoaxing journalist Sabrina Rubin-Erdely. Our reporting, smeared by the fake news media, led to Rolling Stone settling with the Virginia Alpha Chapter in Phi Kappa Psi for over $1.6 million.

Sulkowicz has spiraled into further insanity after tormenting Nungesser, making a pathetic pornographic video about her “rape” and having a creepy old man tie her up nearly naked and beat her in front of an audience.

Sounds like a credible victim to us!

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