RAPE HOAX ALERT: University of Alabama student arrested for false rape report

A University of Alabama student is facing criminal charges after police say she falsely reported being raped on the school's campus Sunday morning.

Emma Mannion, 18, was charged Friday with filing a false report after she admitted to lying about being forced into an SUV and raped early Sunday morning in a campus parking lot.

"Well, if anyone brings a criminal report to us, they need to know that we're going to actively investigate it. And what we find during that investigation, you know, could ultimately lead to criminal and or civil charges against that person,” said Capt. Gary Hood, with the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit.

Witness interviews and surveillance video did not support the woman's story about the incident. When confronted, the woman confessed to falsifying her report.

"Of course, it created fear and shock in the community and the University of Alabama. I'm sure the University of Alabama has expended a large sum of money and overtime on their resources out there to extra patrol for this type of activity,” Hood said.

He said he hopes this incident won't prevent victims from speaking out in the future.

"Well, I hope it doesn't deter a victim from coming to us because we do actively request and pursue those cases and we do not want to de-legitimize any of these incidents,” Hood said.

Mannion faces a misdemeanor charge for filing a false report. She could serve up to a year in jail.

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