6 things a rape hoaxer said in interview with Rolling Stone author

Jackie, the woman who made up a frightening story about being gang raped at the University of Virginia as a freshman, was really committed to her lie when talking to a Rolling Stone reporter.

The taped interview between Jackie and Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely was made public by CBS19 on Saturday, and professor and author K.C. Johnson posted what he believed were the best excerpts. Knowing that the gang rape didn't occur makes Jackie's comments in the tape all the more astounding. Here are some of her oddest remarks:

1. Jackie claimed to see one of her attackers everywhere

"I see him all the time. And I was like, you know, I was like, even places like — I saw him at Barracks Road shopping center," Jackie said. "I was like, that's way off grounds. I've seen him in Wal-Mart before when I'm shopping. Like, I was like, why is it this one guy that I see everywhere?"

Keep in mind this gang rape didn't occur. Police found no evidence to support her claim, the fraternity in question didn't hold a party the night she claimed she was raped, and, oh yeah, the man she claimed took her to the party and orchestrated the gang rape didn't exist.

Now, the nonexistent date is not the man she's talking about here. She went on to say she doesn't see the alleged date anymore (but that she had, was she hallucinating?) but for some reason sees this particular alleged rapist everywhere. The man she's talking about here was one of nine (or five or seven depending on which version she is telling that day) men who assaulted her or otherwise participated in her alleged gang rape.

So if the party didn't happen and the event didn't take place, it appears Jackie had just picked a random man to start fearing.

2. Jackie had a 'crazy conspiracy' about her gang rape

"I don't know, I mean like, I do have kind of a crazy conspiracy — not conspiracy theories — but, I think that, like, [one of her sexual assault group friends] thinks I'm crazy because I was like, explaining to her, I was like, even if there are like 100 guys in Phi [Kappa] Psi, but that there were nine in that room while I was being raped, like, I was like, what is the statistical probability that, you know, the other 91 are completely unaware that that's happening?" Jackie asked.

"To me, it's very slim because that's almost 10 percent of their fraternity."

She added: "I feel like, they all, even if they don't participate in it, at the very least they're aware that it happens. You know, I was like, at the very least I think that they're aware and, you know, just being aware kind of facilitates it."

3. Jackie went super counter-conspiratorial

I remember when the Patriot Act was being discussed, and then after the Edward Snowden leaks, and again just recently when Marco Rubio warned the GOP about praising WikiLeaks. Whenever someone in that situation brought up concerns about the government (or hackers) reading what you write in private, counter-conspiracy theorists would inevitably say: "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

Jackie used this line when talking to Erdely about naming the fraternity where her alleged gang rape took place. Jackie wanted to condemn all fraternities, not just the one, alleging they were all rape dens.

"I mean, the thing that I would hope to see, because I want to talk to Dean [Nicole] Eramo about this too, is, because this doesn't just happen at Phi [Kappa] Psi, you know, like [Sigma Phi] is the roofie frat," Jackie said.

"You know, because sexual assault has become so prevalent among frats on grounds and, like, entire fraternities are being associated with sexual assault that I would like every single fraternity, all 50 of them, to undergo thorough investigation."

She added: "I feel like, the ones that have nothing to hide won't be upset."

4. Jackie claimed her "s——y friends" weren't happy she was participating in the article

In the discredited Rolling Stone article, Jackie claimed her friend group was more interested in discussing the social consequences of her reporting her alleged gang rape than helping her. The friends all deny this happened (it doesn't even seem possible in the original article, unless we're to believe there are sociopaths at University of Virginia who could see a woman in a bloody dress and try to convince her not to go to the police or the hospital).

Since then, Jackie had apparently made all new friends, but she thinks they might be "s——y" because they allegedly said negative things about her participation in the article.

"I was actually talking to, um, [one of her sexual assault group friends] about this too, because I was asking her. 'So what kind of response have you gotten from your friends when you tell them that you're doing this article?' and she's like, 'Mostly negative,'" Jackie said. "And I was like, me too, because I thought it was just me, like maybe I just have a really s——y group of friends."

Jackie went on to say one of her roommates thought the article was a good idea, but her other roommate did not.

5. Jackie and other U.Va. accusers wanted bad publicity for their school

After Jackie discussed with Erdely how her friends were allegedly reacting to her participation in the article, the rape hoaxer said she and her fellow sexual assault accusers wanted the school to look bad in the article.

"The only way anything is going to change is with bad publicity," Jackie said she told one of her roommates who didn't approve of her participation in the article. "And I was like, you know, U.Va. has kind of flown under the radar for so long, and I was like, and I feel like someone has to say something about it, or else, it's just going to be this system that keeps perpetuating."

Well, she did say something about U.Va. and sexual assault, but what she said was fake.

6. Jackie made up a conversation with one of her former friends to make him look bad

Documents have shown that Jackie likely made up the gang rape to try and win the affection of fellow student Ryan Duffin. She had tried other lies to get his sympathy, including pretending to have a terminal illness. When that didn't work, she tried to make him jealous by inventing an attractive man who would constantly say she had a crush on someone else and he didn't understand why.

When that didn't work, she went on a fake date with the fake man, and then claimed she had been gang raped. That didn't win his affection either, and the two eventually stopped talking.

But Jackie told Erdely she had recently spoken to Duffin, and he said he wanted no part of the article because he was a member of Greek Life on campus.

"And, like, you know, I did talk to Ryan, I finally saw him —I saw him actually at Cookout when I was getting a, a milkshake, and I was like, 'Hey, so, did you get any of my texts?' and he was like, 'Yeah, I got them,'"

Jackie said. "And I was like, 'So, would you be interested?' and he was like 'no,' and he was like, 'Listen,' he was like, 'You and I haven't spoken in like two years,' and I was like, 'I know,' and I was like, 'But, you know, I thought that I just, you know, wanted to talk to you about that night and everything and just to, like, give the reporter more background.'

"And he was like, 'I'm in a fraternity here, Jackie,' and he was like, you know, 'I don't want the Greek system to kind of like go down and it seems like that's what you want to happen.'"

She added: "And, he was like, 'You know, I have priorities'."

Duffin said this conversation never happened. So Jackie made up a meeting between her and Duffin, and added random details like her buying a milkshake to make it more believable.

Read more at: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/6-things-a-rape-hoaxer-said-in-interview-with-rolling-stone-author/article/2605423

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