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Lawyers for 'Jackie' tacitly admit she invented her pretend rapist

Lawyers for "Jackie," the woman who claimed to Rolling Stone that she had been gang-raped at a University of Virginia fraternity party have finally acknowledged that their client created the fake rapist alleged to have orchestrated the attack.

Jackie's lawyers, in new court documents filed Tuesday, acknowledged that they had accessed an email account connected to the fake rapist in mid-March. The email account for "Haven Monahan," the name Jackie gave as her alleged rapist, had been created days after the alleged gang-rape had occurred and a day before the email account sent a love letter to a young man whom Jackie had a crush on.

The lawyers claimed they only accessed the email account to confirm Jackie no longer possessed the documents requested by Dean Nicole Eramo, who is suing Rolling Stone after being negatively portrayed in the article. Eramo was described as being callous and indifferent toward sexual assault accusers, and is now suing for millions of dollars.

Jackie's lawyers had previously sent a letter to Eramo's attorneys — four days after they accessed the email address — saying "Jackie was not in possession of these emails." This led to the belief that the attorneys had lied and failed to comply with a court order.

Eramo's attorney told the Washington Post that Jackie's lawyers had finally admitted to accessing the fake email address, proving that Jackie created Monahan, "a point they've refused to answer all along."

Lawyers for Jackie had also written in previous court documents that Team Eramo was pursuing "unhinged" efforts to "harass and abuse" Jackie by bringing up Monahan. Jackie's lawyers also still maintain that their client is a sexual abuse victim.

Eramo is suing Rolling Stone — not Jackie — for defamation. Jackie had told the publication that she was gang-raped by seven men as part of a fraternity initiation ceremony, but Charlottesville Police concluded there was no evidence such a party took place (they didn't officially close the case, however).

Jackie's story fell apart even before the police investigation, when it was discovered that Monahan didn't exist and that the number "he" used to text Jackie's friends was registered to a service that allows users to text from fake phone numbers. A photo of Monahan that Jackie showed to friends was that of a high school acquaintance who didn't really know her.

Jackie appears to have done all this in order to make one of her male friends jealous. She had previously told him she had a terminal illness, but when that didn't work, she concocted the gang rape story.

Shockingly, that didn't succeed in wooing him either.

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