Due Process Goes to School: How to Handle Campus Sexual Assault Cases

America’s universities are much more than classrooms: they are four-year residences for many students. Unfortunately, crimes do take place on college campuses, including sexual assault. In response, colleges and federal bureaucrats have developed various laws and regulations designed to protect students. While this impulse is laudable, sometimes the results are not. Some college administrators have adopted questionable procedures that appear to favor the accused and have put political correctness above the rights and interests of the accused and the need to engage in a legitimate search for the truth.

Three distinguished advocates discuss these issues. How prevalent is campus sexual assault? What is the appropriate way to deal with alleged victims? How can we make sure that the rights of the accused are also respected, so that travesties of justice like the Duke lacrosse case and the Rolling Stone rape hoax are not repeated?


Heather Mac Donald - Thomas W. Smith Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

KC Johnson - Professor, Brooklyn College

Samantha Harris - Director of Policy Research, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

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