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UM student who says she was raped has history of lying, report says


A University of Miami student and beauty pageant queen -- who has been vocal about being the victim of a rape that she said UM failed to properly punish -- has a history of lying after a relationship ends, a Coral Gables police report said.

After three police departments did not have evidence to substantiate any of Angela Cameron's allegations about being victimized multiple times, a UM student offered evidence that displayed her as manipulative and dishonest. He told police that he had been having a sexual relationship with Cameron from November to April.

The student also said that after he began to distance himself, she came to him for help a day after the alleged attack. She also provided him with falsified pregnancy tests he provided to police during the investigation.

"She allegedly took blue ink and drew on the test to create a false and misleading result," the police report said.

Cameron told South Miami police she was raped April 11, 2014. Attorney Lonnie Richardson, who is representing the accused rapist, provided Local 10 News on Friday with records of text messages the two shared April 19 and April 20, 2014.

During a personal conversation, Cameron wanted a committed relationship, and when she didn't get her way, she retaliated against him, Richardson said. The UM student -- who also said he did not want a committed relationship -- told police that she lied about being pregnant, after he distanced himself.

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Katharine Westaway is a UM professor who runs the sexual assault survival group and has been a victim advocate at UM for about two years. Westaway said Cameron exhibited the "fragility" of the victim and she believed in her story enough to support the "Justice for Angela" student campaign.

The Coral Gables police report "does not shake my faith on Angela at all," Westaway said Friday. "I don't know how you crack your own vertebrate."

Meanwhile, the UM student who told police she fabricated the pregnancy tests also said that Cameron "always had bruise marks" and self-inflicted scratches. She also preferred "rough sex," he said.

Police took pictures of the injuries after the alleged attack and showed them to Miami-Dade County deputy medical examiner Dr. Emma O. Lew. She opined that some of the injuries were not consistent with the on-campus attack Cameron had described earlier this year. The Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney decided not to file charges.

Both the accused rapist and Cameron agree on one thing. She said she has been struggling with her mental health. The Coral Gables police report said Cameron told police that she smoked marijuana and had self-inflicted injuries on her arms due to post traumatic stress disorder.

Cameron claims the PTSD began after the alleged rape. Richardson said his client believes Cameron was already suffering with mental health issues when he met her in class at UM. Local 10 News contacted Cameron and her attorney Deborah Baker-Egozi, but they did not comment.

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