Woman's rape lie leads to lover's death: the false accuser placed her hand over his mouth to silence


The information about this false rape case from Alaska comes from a criminal complaint filed by police, as reported here and here.

Dominique Vasquez, 31, had been smoking methamphetamine and drinking alcohol with Wesley Lord, 37 and two other men — one of whom is her court-appointed third-party custodian — in Room 116 of Fairbanks’ Extended Stay Hotel. Vasquez and Mr. Lord started having consensual sex after one of the men went to the bathroom to take a shower. The other man present in the room while the sex was taking place would later tell troopers that at no time did Vasquez tell Lord to stop. Vasquez and Mr. Lord stopped having sex when the man got out of the shower, at which time Vasquez's boyfriend, Abraham Stine, 39, happened to show up outside the hotel window -- he suspected Vasquez was cheating on him. Vasquez, who was not wearing pants, told the two men to tell Stine that Lord had raped her. Vasquez knew Stine had a history of assaulting people from her personal experience, but despite this, she claimed Lord had raped her. Both men went along with Vasquez's story, and Stine proceeded to punch Mr. Lord to death, believing he had just raped his girlfriend. The beating went on for five or ten minutes. During the beating, Vasquez placed her hand over Lord’s mouth to silence him while Stine punched him. She also appeared to be choking him. Stine called the police and claimed his girlfriend had been raped. The dutiful troopers arrived and proceeded to handcuff the naked -- and dead -- Wesley Lord, solely on the basis of his murderer's rape allegation. The astute police stopped handcuffing Mr. Lord when they happened to notice that his hands were stiff and he was not breathing. “The victim appeared to have sustained blunt-force trauma as there was blood on the floor and obvious signs of injury to his head,” the criminal complaint says. An Alaska Bureau of Investigations sergeant later noted contusions on the right side of Lord’s face. It also appeared as if someone tried to clean blood off the floor. Vasquez subsequently admitted to having consensual sex with Mr. Lord. She lied because she did not want to be caught cheating. Stine and Vasquez, both from Barrow, now face one count each of second-degree murder. Stine has been charged with second-degree murder for “physically beating Wesley Lord to death” and Vasquez was charged with the same for aiding and abetting the murder -- specifically, for trying to silence Lord during the beating and for "inciting Stine to beat (Lord) with the false allegation of rape." The case is just the latest in a long line of rape lie tragedies. A few examples: ●Devin LaSalle, a father of three who coached his sons' sports team, had a consensual affair with Tracy Roberson. One night, Ms. Roberson’s husband interrupted them during a tryst, and Ms. Roberson lied to her husband that Mr. LaSalle was raping her. The husband shot Mr. LaSalle dead. Ms. Roberson, not her husband, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison. Her attorney fumed: "The wrong person went to prison." See here and here. ●Cory Headen, 19, was beaten to death with a baseball bat while he slept by another 19-year-old who wrongly believed a girl's rape lie. See here. ●A 15-year-old girl told her father and a 20-year-old man that another 20-year-old man had raped her twice in November 2012. The girl sent a text message to the accused, inviting him to a park. At the park, the girl and a friend met the accused man, summoned him to the restroom area, and asked him to wait as they used the restroom. At the prompting of the girl, the other 20-year-old man, who had been hiding nearby, began assaulting the victim with a wooden baseball bat. The girls had brought the bat to the park. See here. ●Sumbo Owoiya was just 18 years old when he gunned down while looking through the peep hole of his front door. The killer was exacting vengeance because a 15-year-old girl lied that Sumbo had raped her. See here. ●Cody Wightman, 25, incurred the wrath of Felisha Hardison, 25, when Hardison along with her mother, picked up a group of young men, ages 19-22, and drove them to Mr. Wightman's home. Hardison and her mother then sat in their minivan while the young men proceeded to kick in Mr. Wightman's front door, then punch and kick him, and finally, beat him with a claw hammer. You see, Hardison had told the young men that Mr. Wightman had raped her. Police say the rape claim was false. It turns out that several weeks before the attack on Mr. Wightman, Hardison had falsely accused another man of raping her. See here. ●Johran McCormick, 17, was shot to death after his 16-year-old girlfriend sneaked him into her bedroom. When the girl's father caught the boy in the room, the daughter claimed she didn't know him. The father then called 911, but an argument ensued and the father shot the teenage boy to death. See here. ●A Quiznos worker was gunned down because a 23-year-old woman lied to her boyfriend that he had raped her -- the lie was told in an attempt to cover up the fact that the woman was two-timing her boyfriend. See here. ●Gypsies were displaced from their homes when their camp was burned down outside of Turin -- the fire was started to avenge a supposed rape after a 16-year-old girl falsely claimed she had been raped by two men. She lied to conceal the fact that she had lost her virginity to her Italian boyfriend. See here. ●On a steamy day in June of 2009, an innocent man named Michael Zenquis was beaten by an angry mob after he was wrongly accused of raping an 11-year-old girl. In light of this despicable atrocity to an innocent man, what did the mayor and the police commissioner do? Nothing. Worse, the next day, a different mob caught up with the actual rapist and gave him a brutal beating that lasted several minutes until the police got there. The police gave two of the men who helped "apprehend" the rapist $5,750 each. See here and here. ●After a rape case was thrown out because, the judge said, the accuser's evidence was "deeply flawed," the accused 19-year-old was beaten, given two black eyes, shouted at, spat at, called "scum," told to "dig his own grave," and was forced into hiding. He could not get a job because of the allegation. See here. ●The girlfriend of Regan Scott Derrick, 27, returned home after a Saturday night out with some of her friends. She was vomiting and crying, and she lied to Mr. Derrick that she had been date raped and robbed by some men. Mr. Derrick assembled a posse of friends to dish out some vigilante justice and to repossess the stolen items. They barged into the house where the supposed offenders were, and a violent altercation ensued. No one was killed, but Mr. Derrick was convicted of injuring with intent. Mr. Derrick said he was "shocked and horrified" when he learned his girlfriend had lied. See here. ●A 17-year-old boy was stabbed three times -- in the chest, abdomen, and hand -- outside the high school he attended by the father of a female classmate after the girl falsely accused him of being a witness to her alleged rape. The girl later admitted she lied about being raped to avoid getting in trouble for going to a party. The boy recovered; the father was sentenced to six years imprisonment. The news articles named the boy but not his false accuser. See here, here and here. ●A rampaging mob of armed youths wearing masks attacked homes and cars during rioting sparked by a false rumor that a young girl had been raped by two East European men in a shop. The tale eventually morphed into a monstrous lie that a girl had been held hostage for three days and gang-raped by 25 Asian men. The violence ended only when one gang member accidentally shot and killed another gang member. See here. Read more at: http://www.cotwa.info/2015/01/womans-rape-lie-leads-lovers-death-she.html

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