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National Coalition For Men (NCFM) Calls For the Immediate Removal of University of Virginia (UVA) Pr

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The National Coalition for Men (NCFM), a national organization dedicated to ending harmful discrimination of men and boys, is calling for the immediate removal of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan.

Rolling Stone magazine recently published a horrific story of gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity party in 2012. President Sullivan suspended fraternal organizations after the article’s release roughly two years after the alleged assault. The story and allegation have been discredited.

“Suspending campus fraternal organizations based on sensationalized but unproven allegations is indicative of why an ever increasing number of college men, if not fraternal organizations, file lawsuits against their university,” said Harry Crouch, NCFM’s president.

“Moreover, suspending the fraternities, disrupting the education of innocent students, creating other hardships, and kicking innocent men out of their homes two years after an unsubstantiated allegation of gang rape, is irrational and reprehensible. Lower classman were not even students at UVA when the alleged incident occurred! Why punish them? Her ill-conceived overreactions appear driven by, political correctness, rape culture hysteria, the movement to end Greek campus culture, and damage control, rather than student safety. Many callers to our offices want to know how to stop the current witch-hunting crusade against male students on university campuses. President Sullivan’s resignation is a good place to start,” said Crouch.

“Once again, we witness vigilante justice instigated by ideologically driven shoddy journalism and media sensationalism. Here, like at Duke, Hofstra and Montana State (Bozeman) innocent young were hung high, directly or by association, by campus leaders while misguided student activists cheered the lynchings. President Sullivan, Rolling Stone magazine, and wrongheaded activists could not have done more damage to real victims of rape if they had tried. We support the voices of reason that call for Sullivan’s resignation, said Crouch.”

Please sign the petition for President Sullivan’s resignation:

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Copy of NCFM Press Release

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