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BBC - World Have Your Say: California's 'Yes Means Yes' Legislation (Podcast)

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Duration: 55 minutes

First broadcast: Wednesday 01 October 2014

Hear both sides of a debate that's raging on campuses across America. California has become the first state in the US to have a clear definition of when people agree to sex. Supporters of the new 'yes means yes' law say that requiring a woman to give active consent will help reduce the epidemic of sexual assault on US college campuses. But there are also many critics of the bill. Some say it presumes the guilt of anyone who is accused or is unenforceable; others that state-wide legislation is not the right way to police sexual consent between two people.

Included in the panel are: National Coalition For Men (NCFM) advisor Professor Gordon E. Finley and respected journalist Cathy Young.

Podcast at:

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