Op-Ed: Tips for guys on how to stop raping (that won't protect them from being accused these days)


A yearly magazine published by a feminist group at the California-based Cypress College republished a three-year-old list of “tips to end rape.”

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the magazine, called GenderSmash, which lifted the original list from Rape Crisis Scotland, a rape prevention group. The list appears to be a bit of joke, adapted from the “traditional approach to rape prevention,” which focuses messaging toward women rather than toward “more appropriate recipients — potential perpetrators.”

The list features helpful tips such as “don’t put drugs in women’s drinks” and the more direct “don’t rape.” It also suggests men use the “buddy system” if they are prone to rape.

“If you are not able to stop yourself from assaulting people, ask a friend to stay with you while you are in public,” RCS wrote.

But following the tips on the list would actually be insufficient to spare men from being accused of rape under the new college sexual assault rules and standards being proposed and promulgated in order to comply with the Obama administration's interpretation of Title IX.

Men know not to put drugs in women’s drinks. (Some degenerates do it anyway, but find me a man who doesn’t know it’s wrong.) But what happens when two adults drink too many un-drugged alcoholic drinks and sleep together, and then one accuses the other of rape? There are dozens of lawsuits by students thus accused who feel they were denied due process in subsequent disciplinary proceedings.

In that light, and in light of current “affirmative consent” rules being floated about, the GenderSmash list could use a few additions.

For example:

“Do not have sex with someone if either of you have consumed alcohol or drugs at any time in the past 24 hours.”

“If you ask someone on a date and they say no, never speak to them again. You don’t want to be accused of stalking.”

“Carry legal documents with you and obtain a signature prior to each escalation of intimacy.”

"Bring a notary on your date."

Or, easier:

“Don’t touch, kiss, or have sex with anyone. Ever.”

See more at: http://m.washingtonexaminer.com/tips-for-guys-on-how-to-stop-raping-that-wont-protect-them-from-being-accused-these-days/article/2553147

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