NCFMCarolinas takes to the street to voice concerns over UNC's flawed new sex policy

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The National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) kicked off their Fall campus crusade campaign by traveling to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and distributing material that openly questioned how college students are denied fundamental civil rights by the university as a direct consequence of UNC's newly implemented sex policy.

Family Weekend at the UNC-Chapel Hill is described as a special time set aside for parents and families to reconnect with their student, meet other Carolina families, and connect with faculty and staff. This event provided an excellent forum for NCFMC street activism and though the heat and humidity were bordering oppressive, the team of volunteers did a great job of engaging students and parents walking down Franklin Street.

Appearing at the top of the handout material was the following commentary:

"DON’T UNC STUDENTS DESERVE THE SAME EQUAL RIGHTS AND EQUAL PROTECTIONS AFFORDED ALL CITIZENS? WHY DO UNC STUDENTS HAVE LESS RIGHTS THAN THE AVERAGE K-12 STUDENT? Chancellor Folt proudly implemented a new sex policy* where consensual sex at UNC-Chapel Hill may lead to your EXPULSION, your fate may be decided by a university employee and you will likely be branded a RAPIST."

The handout contained a list of actions that are punishable. Under the new UNC sex policy, a student can be charged with harassment or sexual misconduct if they:

· Upset another student by a verbal comment or one by email, text message or on social media (p.5)*

· Even if the comment was unintentional and not intended to harm (p. 6)*

· Or wasn’t even directed at a specific target (p. 6)*

· And even if it only happened once (p. 6)*

· If you tease someone or make a joke that is “of a sexual nature” (p. 8)*

· If you look at another student and are aroused or gratified (p. 8)*

· If you walk in on your roommate while he/she is having sex (p. 8)*

· If you touch “another person’s CLOTHED or unclothed body” (pg. 8)*

· If you “harass” a student’s pet (p. 6)*

*Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct

To see a copy of the handout distributed, click here.

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