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Lewis McLeod v. Duke University trial expected to begin in 2015

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The lawsuit filed against Duke by student Lewis McLeod is moving forward and has moved to the discovery phase according to McLeod's attorney.

As reported earlier this month by Duke's student newspaper The Chronicle:

"McLeod, who entered Duke with the Class of 2014, is suing the University for his diploma after being expelled for sexual assault. He was found responsible by the Office of Student Conduct in a February hearing, and again in an April appellate hearing. He filed for a preliminary injunction against the University in May. The trial will begin in early 2015—likely around February, though an exact date has yet to be set, according to McLeod's lawyer, Rachel Hitch of Schwartz & Shaw in Raleigh."

NCFMC will continue to follow the McLeod trial closely and will provide updates on this website.

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