Newspaper editorial: New campus sexual assault bill 'turns the Bill of Rights upside down'


An editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal discusses the issuescaused by Congress’ new campus sexual assault bills, saying the main bill — the Campus Accountability and Safety Act — “turns the Bill of Rights upside down.”

Congress, in an effort to address sexual assault on college campuses (which has been broadened to include regretted drunken hookups) has taken an approach that overcorrects to the point of denying the accused their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights. The Review-Journal notes this about CASA, and the harm it would cause to students who have been accused.

“[F]ar from ordering colleges to honor the Constitution, the bill turns the Bill of Rights upside down by favoring the interests of the accuser over the rights of the accused, assuming a crime has taken place instead of determining whether a crime took place,” the Review-Journal editorial board wrote.

Read the rest of the article here.

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