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College Men Expelled for Sexual Assault Are Fighting Against School Investigations By Frank Kobola


Colleges have been cracking down on sexual assault after criticism that they do nothing to enforce their policies. But now college men accused of sexual assault (falsely, they argue) are also fighting against the harsh punishments [viaThe Washington Post].

The men think their colleges are making examples of them in a mad scramble to show they're being more proactive about sexual assault on campus. "The way that universities are handling the entire situation is terrible," Joshua Strange, who was expelled from Auburn after accusations of assault, told the Washington Post. "It's kind of a broken system." Even though a grand jury found insufficient evidence to indite him, an internal university investigation felt there was enough there to expel Strange.

Those campus investigations, according to the men involved, are no more than witch hunts. "I wasn't given a fair trial or anything. It's sad that this process can be abused and that the university can totally change somebody's life, with very little evidence," said a student expelled from Brandeis. "In the real world, rape and sexual assault are crimes punishable by going to jail — and rightfully so. Why is this left up to schools?"

Read the rest of the article here.

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