UPDATE - List of legal action taken against colleges for due process violations grows


The National Coalition For Men Carolinas has released an updated list containing 43 cases involving students and faculty that have taken legal actions against thier university or college relating to inadequate due process and in some cases alleging Title IX violations. In putting this list together we wish to acknowlege data collected by SAVE and AVfMS.

NCFM Carolinas has been busy connecting with state legislators and federal officials to give a voice to college men that have been harmed from being falsely accused of sexual assault, subjected to biased kangaroo sex courts and expelled from their university.

We have also been working diligently with a coalition of attorneys from across the country that are representing college men who have filed lawsuits against their university to discuss the damage done to them. We have posted on our website an updated list of these and other related cases that have been filed in state and federal courts which can be found here.

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