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Obamacrats are strangling due process rights on campus


Should the U.S. Department of Education cut off public funding for colleges and universities that decline to restrict the free speech rights of certain classes of students? Such a policy would be tossed out by federal courts as patently unconstitutional. And although students may lack an absolute constitutional right to promote certain messages on private colleges' property, it is constitutionally insidious to empower federal bureaucrats to bludgeon campus administrators until they restrict particular students' freedom of speech.

The Obama administration has not imposed such a policy regarding First Amendment free-speech rights, but it is doing almost exactly the same thing to 14th Amendment due process and equal protection of the law guarantees with new rules on how colleges must treat accusations of campus sex crimes. Obviously, rape and sexual assault are serious crimes regardless where they occur. It would be inappropriate for academic institutions to treat such accusations with anything less than the utmost gravity.

Read the rest of the article here.

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