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New NCFMC Blog called A Dad’s Thoughts - August 13, 2014


Take a closer look at this photo. What are the first thoughts that pop into your head? For some it may be wonderful childhood memories of walking with your dad and enjoying his company. For me, it’s a reminder of how fleeting the child rearing years go by. One moment you are holding your precious child by the hand trying to imagine what they will be when the grow up and wondering what kind of memorable experiences your children will recall when they grow up. The next moment, you’re jolted back to reality as your college-bound son or daughter reminds you that the semester’s tuition needs to be paid next week.

We are changing our blog format in order to provide a clear distinction as to how this website can be used to help students and parents who are seeking help in battling against prejudice, discrimination and harmful college policies that are biased against college men. On a frequent basis we intend to write about issues that impact families that are living through the nightmare of having a family member falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Some of the issues we intend to write about will be based on an article or series of articles that appear in the media. Some of the things that we will choose to write about will be in regard to what our organization is doing from an activism standpoint to counter the war on men being waged across our nation’s post-secondary education institutions. For sure, we will write about the need to provide adequate due process rights for accused students of sexual misconduct. We hope to contribute some useful thoughts that have to do with the healing process as well. We have no set format for what we write or when we will write it, suffice to say that we will go where the proverbial wind blows us.

We are calling our blog, A Dad’s Thoughts for the simple reason that it is written from the perspective of a dad, a married father of a handful of young men. We hope you enjoy our new format and encourage you to write to us if you have a suggestion for a column. Our email address is:

IF this is your first visit to our website, we welcome you and thank you for checking our organization out.We encourage you to click on the other tabs found on our website as there is some very informative material contained within this site. Stay alert, stay smart and stay strong.

Dad out.

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