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Sen. Marco Rubio to college men: Drop dead


Rubio didn't really say that, of course. The title here is a reference to an immortal New York Daily News headline. Rubio's shocking indifference to the due process rights of college men accused of sexual assault prompted that over-the-top title. The Senate's bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act is but latest effort by politicians to jump on the "get-tough-on-campus-rape" bandwagon. It has eight co-sponsors, including Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, and Rubio has put himself out front on the issue. This is not to excuse Rubio's seven co-sponsors of the bill, but Rubio is especially disappointing. We can expect Sen. Clare McCaskill to be indiffierent to college men's due process rights, but, to date, Marco Rubio has not exhibited such fealty to political correctness. The Senator's involvement seems like a blatant attempt to atone to women's groups for his opposition to VAWA, and it is chilling.

Read the rest of the article here.

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