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NCFM Carolinas submits written testimony to US Senate Committee on sexual assault on college campuse

We strongly recommend that you watch the hearing on campus sexual assault above. Look at the witness list. What you will hear and see is an absence of anyone representing our views, including the one male victim paraded before the committee. All the witnesses are invited by those who control the committee, and it appears some of the committee members have predetermined outcomes in mind.

That said, the written testimony below while it wasn’t read at the hearing, is a matter of record. To our knowledge it is the only testimony that makes a strong statement about false accusations and lack of due process in the campus hearing process. Without question, this bill is squarely targeted at young college men based on highly questionable data. We are particularly thankful to North Carolina’s Senator Burr and Senator Hagan for allowing our testimony.

Read the rest of the article here.

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