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The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape? by Cathy Young

In late April, the media were abuzz with the tale of yet another horrific injustice inflicted by a university on a female student who had been a victim of sexual assault on campus. "Brown University lets rapist who choked his victim reenroll after a semester-long suspension," thundered the headline on The reports were based on the account of Brown student Lena Sclove, who had addressed a campus rally of about 50 people on April 22 to denounce the university's decision to let her alleged attacker, Daniel Kopin, return to campus. (Kopin was "outed" by the campus newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald, in its April 23 news story on Sclove's claims; while some articles left out his name, others, including Slate and Salon, did not.)

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