'Men's Rights' Misrepresented

On June 26-28, Detroit will host the first Conference on Men’s Issues, sponsored by the men’s rights group “A Voice For Men.” As vice president of the oldest men’s rights organization in the United States, the National Coalition For Men, I would like to respond to the tsunami of vitriolic attacks all over the media lately about the men’s rights movement, falsely tying us to the Elliot Rodgers killings and accusing us of being a misogynistic white male movement.

It is astonishing how the media ignores our issues until they have a chance to use a public atrocity to distort and bash the men’s rights movement. Rodgers was not affiliated with any men’s rights group that we know of. And his views do not represent our movement, which proudly consists of both men and women. My organization has many female members and several women on its national board. Our Dallas chapter is led by a woman. And every rally we ever held had both men and women, side by side.

Read the rest of the letter here.

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