When Drunk Becomes Rape (Because Some Profs Say So)

That there’s an epidemic of rape and sexual assault on campus is a given, because the White House says so, as do the advocates to end this plague, despite the absence of evidence except from their anecdotes. Perhaps they’re right, but it’s hard to say because the meaning of words used to describe offending conduct have become untethered from any definition.
Not to let lack of definitions or proof of a problem get in the way, the government is forcing the issue by ramming guidelines down the throats of colleges and universities to cure the problem that may or may not exist. Colleges don’t appear to be resisting. And these changes in the view of sexual assault and rape appear to be filtering through to criminal law.
Two profs, Kathleen Bogle, teaching sociology and criminal justice (whatever that is) at LaSalle, and Anne Coughlin, a lawprof at UVA, apparently recognized the confusion wrought by an excess of passion and a dearth of reason and decided to fix the problem. Their post at Slate is entitledThe Missing Key to Fighting Sexual Assault on Campus, with the subtitle, Universities must make clear when having sex with a drunk person is a crime.
Read the rest of the article here.

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