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The highlighted post below is in response to a deeply flawed and pro-feminist biased article published by the Daily Tar Heel, the student newspaper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The published article is titled "More student groups push for men to get involved in gender violence prevention"

TheNameThatGoesOnAndOn • This article tops the list of DTH articles to wipe your @$$ with. The sheer weight of the political agenda in this piece is sickening. Examine these quotes closely: "I feel much more open minded (after Men's Project Training)." What is Mens Project Training you ask? According to the DTH it is meant to "explore a wide range of masculinities" however later in the article the piece gives a hint at the real purpose of this program. The article says that "men have a unique opportunity to be in male-dominated spaces and call out misogyny and rape dominated culture." Can anyone else read between the lines? This is not "exploration" especially not if men are exclusively brought into this program to "call out misogyny and rape culture." Men are there to be "educated", or as George Orwell would say "reeducated". These men are learning to reconstruct their masculinity to conform to a singular ideology, feminism. True exploration involves seeking out different viewpoints and challenging your preconceived notions. Not being force fed a heaping helping of dogma.


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