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men's rights


Your risk as a student-athlete
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

If you are a male student attending a college or university in the Unites States and you are sexually active, you are at great risk for being removed from campus and possibly (actually probably) expelled for sexual misconduct. How can this be you might be asking yourself? The short answer is that the Department of Education has determined that universities aren't doing enough to get tough on sexual assault on college campuses so they created a directive in April of 2011 known as the Dear Colleague Letter that essentially guarantees that if you are accused of sexual misconduct you will be summarily expelled by a kangaroo court styled university disciplinary system.

Based on an allegation of sexual misconduct or harassment, a student can be:


  • Suspended without a hearing

  • Removed from campus

  • Threatened with trespassing charges

  • The target of a criminal investigation

  • The target of a university investigation

  • Denied the right to obtain or make a copy of the school investigator’s report

  • Denied the right to have an attorney participate in his/her hearing

  • Denied the right to present exculpatory evidence

  • Denied the right to have witnesses appear

  • Denied the right to question and/or cross-examine his/her accuser

  • Treated as guilty (referred to as “perpetrator”) and required to prove his/her innocence

  • Summarily expelled

  • Denied the ability to transfer

  • Denied their diploma

  • Denied entrance into another university

  • Denied a future career

  • Branded a rapist for life

  • Irreparably harmed


CLICK HERE to download our Due Process flier and feel free to send it to your lawmakers.

If you find yourself facing a false allegation of sexual misconduct as a college student you need to contact NOW! We can help you. Please contact us day or night at (828) 478-2281. You do not need to tell us your name and all conversations are private. Please note that we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.

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