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"Sunlight is the best disinfectant” - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

CLICK HERE to see the Lawsuits Database of Title IX related lawsuits filed by students against colleges & universities alleging due process violations in adjudicating sexual assault cases. Please note that the Lawsuits Database requires user registration for its core features. 

Title IX Attorney List

Disclaimer: NCFMC, NCFM and their affiliates are not a law firm engaged in the practice of law, cannot provide legal advice or representation, and does not enter into attorney-client relationships with those we help. Although there is information on this site about legal issues and informational services it is not legal advice. People who need legal advice or assistance should contact a lawyer. The listing of attorneys and their firms in no way should be construed as an endorsement of their respective services. 

A Federal Court Takes on Title IX (7/24/19)

Title IX policies have ‘anti-male bias’ and treat students accused of sexual assault unfairly, lawsuit alleges (7/23/19)

Male Student Receives $725,000 From Michigan State After Sex Assault Allegations, Accuser Receives $475,000 (7/13/19)

7th Circuit Court Reminds Purdue, Other Colleges That Due Process Matters (7/9/19)

Doe v PURDUE ruling (6/28/19)

Court ruling opens new avenue for lawsuits from students accused of sexual assault (6/5/19)

Federal Court Ruling May Give New Relief for University Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct (5/28/19)

Doe v NORTHERN MICHIGAN ruling (5/28/19)

Appeals court blasts USC for indifference to evidence that could exonerate accused student (12/12/18)


Appeals court smacks down UCSB for hiding accuser’s hallucinatory prescription from accused (10/12/18)

Judge: Penn State’s ban on cross-examination in rape cases ‘raises constitutional concerns’ (9/10/18)

US Court of Appeals rules University must allow cross-examination in sexual assault cases (9/7/18)

Doe v UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ruling (9/7/18)

Another appeals court agrees: Accusers must be cross-examined in campus rape cases (8/13/18)


Cross-examination required in campus rape investigations, federal appeals court rules (9/26/17)

Doe v UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI ruling (9/25/17)

Appeals court reinstates reverse discrimination case against Columbia by student accused of rape (7/29/16)

Bisexual student accused of rape gets $125,000 from Georgia Tech to drop lawsuit (7/27/16)

Vindication for student athlete accused of rape: six-figure settlement with university (2/18/16)


ASU paid $100K to settle with former athlete (1/6/16)

Judge rules former UTC wrestler accused of rape shouldn't have been expelled (8/12/15)

DOE vs. REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO; a win for due process rights for student accused of sexual assault (7/10/15)

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