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The War on Men at Duke University - a legacy of bias and resentment.


Warning: Duke University actively promotes misandry and has effectively declared war on all college male students. The articles and accounts below highlight a troubling pattern of a rush to judgment before facts are established which add to Duke's legacy of pursuing false accusations that have resulted in male students being suspended, expelled and/or removed from campus without due process. ​

Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson  




“A masterful examination of the pathetic rush to judgment in the Duke rape case.” —John Grisham


“Taylor and Johnson have made a gripping contribution to the literature of the wrongly accused.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Until Proven Innocent is a stunning book.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Vivid, at times chilling . . . their most biting scorn is aimed at the ‘academic McCarthyism’ that they say has infected top-rate American universities like Duke.” —Newsweek

How Biden's proposed education policies could affect Duke, other colleges and universities (12/21/20)

Academic Council discusses Title IX rules, debates sexual harassment definition (10/16/20)

Title IX changes at Duke raise questions about transparency (9/10/20)

Op-Ed: Title IX changed, and everyone needs to know about it (9/7/20)

DUKE UNIVERSITY Annual Clery Security Report October 2018


'I WAS BROKEN' Football ace Ciaran McKenna, 20, falsely accused of raping a student at top university describes two-years of hell (8/12/18)

'I've given up sex and found God again': Scottish soccer star on $260,000 Duke scholarship receives out of court payout from the university after it suspended him for two years over one-night stand's false rape claims (8/12/18)

Duke soccer player’s lawsuit over sexual misconduct policy is resolved (7/31/18)
Duke Settles With Soccer Player Accused Of Sexual Assault (7/30/18)
Accused Duke University Student Gets His Degree, Four Years After Unfair Expulsion (6/13/18)
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Duke stemming from sexual assault allegation (4/19/18)
Duke University settles lawsuit with a student expelled for sexual misconduct (2/28/18)
Duke and student accused of sexual misconduct settle case. But does he get a diploma? (2/27/18)
Duke settles long-running sexual misconduct lawsuit with Lewis McLeod (2/26/17)
Duke’s sexual misconduct policy for students on court hot seat for 2nd time (2/22/18)
Judge sides with junior Ciaran McKenna in sexual assault lawsuit against Duke (2/13/18)
“Run over by a really bad process,” Duke soccer player has his day in court (2/13/18)
Duke, UNC no longer compliant with new federal campus sex-misconduct ‘guidance’ (9/25/17)
Does Duke's new sexual misconduct policy protect the students or the school? (9/4/17)
‘I’ve not encountered a process...that is less fair’ (5/1/17)
Duke law professor calls McKenna disciplinary process ‘indefensible’ (2/21/17)
Men’s soccer player’s lawsuit gives rare look at how Duke decides sexual misconduct cases (2/18/17)
Men's soccer player suspended for sexual assault allowed to remain at Duke after preliminary injunction (2/15/17)
Duke professor testifies in hearing for sexual assault lawsuit involving men's soccer player (2/10/17)
Men's soccer player suspended for rape files lawsuit against Duke (2/1/17)
Judge halts suspension of Duke soccer player accused of date rape (2/1/17)
DUKE LAWSUIT UPDATE: Trial for expelled McLeod delayed for second time (1/22/16)

ESPN to air documentary on Duke lacrosse rape hoax (1/8/16)

Ex-Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon denies sexual assault allegations (4/29/15)
Duke not currently investigating Rasheed Sulaimon for sexual assault (3/5/15)
Dismissed Duke basketball player Rasheed Sulaimon accused of sexual assault, report states (3/2/15)
Source: Sexual assault allegations part of reason for player’s dismissal (3/2/15)
McLeod trial slated to start Feb. 2016 (2/10/15)
Cease-and-desist order issued against Duke private investigator (2/9/15)
Investigation into alleged sexual assault at Duke expands (2/4/15)
Warrants: Phone records associate fraternity members with Duke rape case (1/22/15)
Gross Injustice at Duke: Accused Rapist Convicted Via 'Indirect-Double-Hearsay' (1/6/15)
Duke a Fat Target for Due Process Lawsuits (1/4/15)
Expelled student's attorney criticizes Duke investigation into sex assault claim (12/16/14)
More college men are fighting back against sexual misconduct cases (6/7/14)
Judge says Duke can't yet expel senior accused of sexual assault (5/29/14)
Student sues Duke after expulsion for sexual misconduct (5/29/14)
The Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Was 8 Years Ago, So Where Are The Accused Now? (5/29/14)
Expelled Duke University student sues school after sexual assault claims denied him degree (5/28/14)
Duke student, expelled after sex assault claim, sues for degree (5/27/14)
Durham settles with wrongly accused Duke lacrosse players (5/16/14)
Judge allows federal lawsuits in Duke lacrosse case (3/31/11)
New Duke Policy Renders Students Unwitting Rapists; Removes Protections for Those Accused of Sexual Misconduct (4/7/10)
A Libel Law Analysis of Media Abuses in Reporting on the Duke Lacrosse Fabricated Rape Charges (1/29/2009)
Second Federal Suit Filed in Duke Lacrosse Case (12/18/07)
Duke Prosecutor Jailed; Students Seek Settlement (9/8/2007)
Documenting the Duke Rush to Judgment (9/1/2007)
Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Eight Lessons (4/24/2007)

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