False Accuser News​

Ex-Sacred Heart student pleads guilty to false rape claim (6/8/18)
College student falsely accused of rape speaks out (8/31/18)

Woman charged with false rape report faces trial in Kansas (10/4/19)

College student gets 1 year in prison for false rape accusation (8/24/18)

High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They 'Just Don't Like Him' (10/17/18)

College student pleads guilty to lying about rape on campus (3/27/18)

Clemson student charged with falsely reporting rape (3/1/18)

Woman charged with falsely reporting she was raped at Delta College (8/15/17)


College student charged with false rape report (6/12/17)

More campus rapes questioned, scrutinized – fall apart (12/9/14)

LAWSUIT: Scorned female student’s false claim gets student kicked out of school for consensual sex (5/20/15)

UMSL says reported rape on campus did not happen (1/8/15)

Keene State student accused of falsely reporting sexual assault (11/21/14)

Crying Rape (9/18/14)

The full demise of Rolling Stone’s rape story (8/11/14)


UA Student Arrested In False Sex Assault Report On Campus (5/1/14)


Woman made up rape story to cover for missing work, deputies say (2/14/14)


Woman charged with filing false rape report (1/13/14)

Virginia Woman Falsely Accuses Man Of Rape And Sends Him Away For Four Years Before Recanting . . . Given Just 60 Days In Jail To Be Served On Weekends (8/20/13)


Op-Ed: The Landen Gambill hoax and the campus rape industry (3/15/13)

Student Who Claimed Rape at UC Santa Cruz Paid Man to Beat Her (3/1/13)

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