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National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) ATTORNEY LIST for Title IX Cases

The list below contains the names of attorneys that work on Title IX related cases. Disclaimer: NCFMC, NCFM and their affiliates are not a law firm engaged in the practice of law, cannot provide legal advice or representation, and does not enter into attorney-client relationships with those we help. Although there is information on this site about legal issues and informational services it is not legal advice. People who need legal advice or assistance should contact a lawyer. The listing of attorneys and their firms below in no way should be construed as an endorsement of their respective services. 


John W. Gresham

Tin Fulton Walker & Owen       

301 East Park Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28203

(704) 338-1220


Emilia Beskind

Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins, L.L.P.

119 East Main Street

Durham, North Carolina 27701

(919) 682-5648 

Sonya Pfeiffer

Rudolf Widenhouse

225 East Worthington Ave
Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 333-9945

Chris Fialko

Fialko Law

227 West 4th Street, Suite 229
Charlotte, NC 28202


Andrew T. Miltenberg

Nesenoff & Miltenberg,  LLP

363 7th Avenue, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10001 

(212) 736-4500

Susan Kaplan

The Kaplan Law Office

30 Wall Street, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10005

(347) 683-2505



Eric F. Long

Friedman & Nemecek, L.L.C.

1360 E. 9th Street, Suite 650

Cleveland, OH 44114

(440) 773-3479

Eric Rosenberg

Rosenberg & Ball Co. Lpa.,

395 Pearl Street

Granville, Ohio 43023

(740) 644-1027


Justin Dillon

KaiserDillon PLLC

1099 14th St. NW, 8th Floor

Washington D.C. 20005

(202) 640-4427

Charles B. Wayne


500 8th St. NW 

Washington D.C. 20004

(202) 799-4253


John Gresham’s work on Title IX student matters started in 2012 and has grown substantially since then including media recognition for his Title IX defense work. 


























Andrew's focus on campus Title IX matters has resulted in representing more than 300 students and 50 faculty members in disciplinary hearings in more than 30 states. 


Extensive experience representing students accused of sexual misconduct and advocating for their civil and procedural rights. National presence. Reasonable rates, contingency fee possible if applicable.






Eric Long has advised more than 100 students in Title IX matters since 2015 from initial investigations to Federal litigation against colleges and universities.


KaiserDillon has handled more than 100 campus misconduct and Title IX cases nationwide and has never lost a lawsuit against a college.


Charley Wayne represented the accused students in the only two such cases ever tried to a jury, obtaining verdicts for the students.


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